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Kao Chemicals Europe has developed this natural liquid thickener derived from renewable sources. It is a 100% active, biodegradable, clear, odourless and colourless liquid which is easy to handle and can be processed at room tempertature. Additionally, EXCEPARL® LM-LC is a mild product with some emollient and conditioning properties for skin and hair due to its hydrophobic characteristics, and with no detrimental effect on the foaming behaviour of the formulations. Due to its chemical nature, EXCEPARL® LM-LC is a good choice for many PEG and/or Sulfate-free rinse-off formulations. 

The addition of EXCEPARL® LM-LC to a final formulation allows a reduction in the percentage of sodium chloride (NaCl) necessary to achieve a desired viscosity. The balance between EXCEPARL® LM-LC and NaCl can be easily adjusted depending on the composition.