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Kao Chemicals Europe has a history of quality control that clearly shows its conviction to developing products and processes with guaranteed reliability and traceability in all their interphases.

This determination has doubtless contributed to greater confidence in our activities and enables us to avoid and reduce inefficiency associated with processing raw materials and energy. These latter problems generally lead to increased costs, safety risks and the environmental impact of our facilities. The quality control activities are of vital importance to understand and guide each process with maximum rigour.

In the early nineties, Kao Chemicals Europe introduced a quality management and control system in its production centres based on the international standard, which has been integrated very satisfactorily using applications and analytical and communications tools.

The system includes not only comprehensive protocols defined for Research and Development (R&D), to determine and optimise the specifications established by our clients but also the manufacturing and standard issue of the products. In all its stages, Kao Chemicals Europe performs countless controls on all the interrelated processes, which also enable agile basic and after sales service.